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a closed space for the following: half-thought ideas, wips, snippets, far too much blatant teasing, belligerent characters who refuse to stay in line, whining at each other to write more, several universes worth of stories, complaining about real life, caps lock, keyboardsmash, more ridiculously hot porn than you could ever imagine, once-upon-a-time character profiles, gleeful recommendations, to-do lists, general flailing, soundtracks, music, and all around support.

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emeritus: megan lalie span

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/cries forever, all of snafu's insecurities, angry sex, awkard teenage joe mazzello, being enabled, enabling, fyjmazztears, hammering out fic, kentucky fried boners, leon ford's magnificent arse, my keyboardsmash is better, needs moar au, needs moar dvd commentary, no self control ever, on caps lock forever, patron saint of buttsex, poetic prose, roleplaying what's that, sexy raptors, shotting shit, snafu singing justin bieber, stop all this enabling, stop sniffing my hair, tcruise in an eyepatch, tcruise's perfectly round ass, tcruise-and-that-one-guy, there is never enough, this is not beastiality, too many wips, too much brandy, work is for livejournal, y so spoiled sledge, y-u-no-love-me-speirs
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